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In 1929, a man by the name of Dr. Allen founded Federal Chemical Company, Inc. He realized the widespread popularity of oriental rugs at the time and their vulnerability to insect attack. A brilliant chemist, Dr. Allen developed a chemical moth-proofing product to control carpet beetles and moths, thereby protecting these sometimes priceless rugs from damage. He then hired several men to apply this new formula and thus the seeds of a service company were planted. He now had the product, but it needed a name. He knew the name had to be original, colorful, distinctive, and descriptive. After much work, he originated the name Arab (pronounced A'rab). A term derived (in this case) from the theme of the Arabian Nights. The new label had a certain romantic flair, giving illusions of flying Persian carpets and still other mysteries of the East. From that day forward, people have been intrigued by the name while at the same time realizing that it truly is a standard of excellence.

Arab's mission is to provide quality affordable Termite & Pest control service, to educate the public on pest problems and their solutions, and continue to keep our environment as a priority. Arab is quite different from other pest control companies. Arab will offer solutions to your pest problems using environmentally friendly pesticides and in some cases, no pesticides at all. We continually update ourselves with the latest ‘state of the art’ in pest control technology and research. At the same time, Arab keeps abreast of, and in compliance with, the federal and state laws while solving our customers' pest control problems at an efficient and reasonable cost. Arab has maintained a high rating with the Better Business Bureau and is the recipient of Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence.


Meet our staff!
Gerry Dievendorf
Gerry has been the owner and president of Arab Termite & Pest Control for the past forty years. Originally from Bethesda, MD he moved his family to Columbia in 1972. Arab Termite & Pest Control has thrived with enthusiasm because Gerry strives to treat his customers like they deserve to be treated. He understands that each customer has their own individual needs therefor he strives to accommodate as best he can.
Lee Dievendorf
Lee is certified by the State of South Carolina and Department of Pesticide Regulation. Lee does an outstanding job keeping our routine residential and commercial services pest and rodent free. He always makes sure the customer is satisfied and reassures that satisfaction with with our pest control guarantee. He will always handle any pest control issue with the utmost diligence and in the compliance with all state and federal regulations. Lee was born and raised in Bethesda, MD. He joined the US Navy Reserves in 1966 and was stationed on the USS Gyatt DD712 until 1969 when he joined the Montgomery County Police Department and worked as Vice and Narcotics Officer. After two years he was then a Patrol Officer in Bethesda, then assigned to Bethesda Investigations as a Detective. Lee left the Police Department in 1985 to come to Columbia and work in the pest control business with his two brothers. Lee has 25 years of experience with Arab and is part owner of the company.
Robert Dievendorf
Let's welcome Robert to the Arab Family
Carol Dawn Young
Carol Dawn Young is the Office Manager of Arab Termite and Pest Control. She is responsible for organizing office operations, correspondence, preparing payroll, following up on customer service, reviewing and preparing management reports, designing and implementing office systems, website design and making necessary adjustments. Carol Dawn is a native of Clarksville, Tennessee and moved to the Columbia/Irmo area in 1972. She studied at the University of South Carolina and also completed her Paralegal Studies. Carol Dawn has had the pleasure of serving her Arab Termite & Pest Control customers for over eighteen years. Her philosophy has been to always accommodate and treat every customer with respect and integrity.