What we do at ARAB!

At Arab, we make sure that our staff is thoroughly trained and qualified. We also offer continuing educational opportunities so that we may stay current with modern scientific techniques. We offer complete termite and pest control for Residential, Commercial and Industrial clientele.

Residential Service

Our custom-tailored pest control program is designed for the protection of you, your family and your home from the harmful effects of insects and the health hazards they bring.

Commercial Service Plans

Pest control problems of commercial establishments are considerably more intensive than those of private residences. That is why our commercial contract service has proven so helpful to our subscribers. It is a regular treatment plan that becomes part of your regular maintenance and "housekeeping" schedule. It is most effective and economical for areas of intensive public activity, food service, and/or exposure to outside insect problems. Our service can be arranged and timed so that it will work perfectly into your own housekeeping and maintenance schedules. Prevention of health and damage hazards through the regular service provided by our commercial pest control plan is really low cost insurance that has a plus value: public confidence in your place of business.

Industrial Pest Control

Plant-wide pest control is important business protection. In addition to the health and welfare of you and your employees, the protection of your products and packaging from insect or rodent attack is imperative. Regular, professional pest control service is the best way to maintain this product protection.

Mosquito Control

We are now offering mosquito control, please click here to find out more.

It is important to be sure that your pest control service and effectiveness is as reliable and dependable as any professional care or service you would seek for yourself or family.
Check our references and be sure.